In the conclusion part of my paper, I am creating a enumerated list using the enumerate enviroment.

\begin{enumerate}[label=\textbf{Property \arabic*.}, leftmargin=25mm]
\item Stationarity
\item Autocorrelation

Using this enumerated list, I am creating an overview of several properties I have found and listed throughout my paper using a newly defined theorem environment:


which I reference throughout the text using

\begin{property}\label{prop:stationarity}[Stationarity] The data xyz is stationary.\end{property}

In the text I can easily refer to the properties using references like:

As we have found in property \ref{prop:stationarity}, data xyz is...

Now, I would like to do something similar in the enumerated list, but I would like the item itself to be the reference to the property. To explain it in simple words, I would like to click on the "Property 1." in the enumerated list and then be referenced to the actual property 1 defined in the paper.


From a programming point of view, there is no relationship between Property 1 (what you see printed in the document) and prop:stationarity (what you supply as the label/reference). So it would be difficult to automate such a cross-reference scheme.

Instead, using a manual cross-reference scheme is possible:

enter image description here


The data $xyz$ is stationary.

As we have found in Property~\ref{prop:stationarity}, data $xyz$ is\ldots

  \item[{\hyperref[prop:stationarity]{Property~\ref*{prop:stationarity}}}] Stationarity
  \item[Property~2] Autocorrelation
  • Great, that worked without any trouble for all properties. Thanks!
    – Olorun
    Aug 27 '14 at 5:16

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