I am writing my thesis in LaTeX. Everything was going fine until I decided to insert some of my publications into the LaTeX thesis document.

The error is in the table of contents, which is showing wrong page numbers just in the chapter where I present my papers as PDF documents, LaTeX is considering the PDFs as if they are only one page (the PDF files are more than 6 pages).

For example, paper X starts at page 20 and it is 6 pages long, the next paper should start at page 27, but in the table of contents, it is shown as 21 !.

I should note that the page numbering throughout the document is correct, the error is just in the table of contents.

This is the code of my main tex document:


In chapter 3, I added the pdf documents:

\chapter{List of Publications}
\section{paper 1 title}
\section{paper 2 title}
... etc

Where could the error possibly be? (Note: I am new to LaTeX.)

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    have you re-run latex, the table of contents information is collected from the previous run, so the first run after a large edit will have incorrect numbers, a second run should resolve it – David Carlisle Aug 28 '14 at 19:52
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  • I changed all references to “index” into “table of contents”, which seems to be the correct term. – egreg Sep 2 '14 at 9:08