I want to create a songbook, using either the package songbook or the package songs, because every song must have guitar tabs (and I want to have the possibility of adding notes to the songs later). Now I want to do something special: I have several drawings as pdf or jpg, and I want to decorate the border of the pages with these drawings. But they should distributed randomly over the book, e.g. on page 1 drawing 1 is used, on page 2 drawing 5, on page 3 drawing 2 etc.

Now my question is: How can I create a page layout where these drawings are used as borders and furthermore they are distributed randomly?


The everypage package provides a hook via which you can place an image on every page. (For a usage example, see the draftwatermark package by the same author.) If the choice of image must be random, the lcg package implements random number generation.

All three packages should be compatible with both songs and songbook. (I loaded them successfully using songs, and I assume songbook would work just as well.)

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