Here is what I'm trying to type.



\item[$\Rightarrow$] bla bla bla

\item[$\Leftarrow$] bla bla bla



But, if I try that, I can't get $\Rightarrow$ and $\Leftarrow$ parallel to make them look nice, if you know what you mean,,,;; (the $\Rightarrow$ is just on the right of the title "proof", while $\Leftarrow$ is not aligned vertically with $\Rightarrow$ since $\Leftarrow$ is aligned vertically with "proof"...)

How, do I make them parallel to make them look nice?

  • My advice is to forget enumerate. Just \begin{proof}($\Rightarrow$)...<empty line>($\Leftarrow$)...\end{proof}. The arrows already give sufficient visual clues. – egreg Aug 29 '14 at 19:40

You should have some thing written directly after the Proof. word and before the enumerate environment. So, using a ~ will do the job.


\item[$\Rightarrow$] bla bla bla
\item[$\Leftarrow$]  bla bla bla


The output:

enter image description here

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    suggest that you use \qedhere before the \end{enumerate} to move the "tombstone" up to the last line of the list. in any event, remove the blank line before \end{proof}; otherwise, the "tombstone" could break to a new page if the proof happens to come at the end of a page. – barbara beeton Aug 29 '14 at 19:43

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