Currently I'm typesetting a document with facing pages. From time to time the text includes some figures, that need to be shown between the numbered paragraphs. In order to the fact that it would not be necessary to have line numbers for these figures, I put them into a \parbox as an optional argument to the \pend command.

This works quite good within the document but TeX seems to have problems, if the last \pend also takes an optional argument. In this case I got 9 blank doublepages after the last leftsided page before the last rightsided page is printed and after that page again 9 blank doublepages appear. What is the reason for this behaviour and is there a workaround? I tried to fix it, putting the last parbox within a normal \pstart \pend section which may cause an unwanted numbering of the figure.

Here is an MWE that produces this output:





That was a bug, now solved. New version is updated on CTAN.

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