I am currently using a custom class (mqthesis.cls) to author my thesis. It works very well but it only gives a references section and I want to have a references section (with only the actually cited entries) as well as a bibliography (with all background reading listed).

I know I can use \nocite{*}to make it so that the reference section actually includes my full bibliography but this only gives me a hybrid single section that contains my bibliography and citation links. I need two sections.

I can include the \bibliography action twice but that just gets me two duplicate sections (both called 'references' as the .cls file stipulates).

How do I get two distinct sections? Is it by editing the .cls, the .tex or both?

Edit: I am using natbib package currently.

  • If (!) you're willing to switch from natbib to biblatex, here's a solution: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/6967/… – lockstep Aug 31 '14 at 21:43
  • Thanks Lockstep. As a total amateur I am nervous at the extent of change that might bring. I'll look into biblatex. Am I to infer that there is no way of doing it in natbib? – Amazing_Norris Aug 31 '14 at 23:05

Here is a try with multibib. This works with natbib.

%% bibliography with mutiple entries
  author =   {Author, O.},
  title =    {Title One},
  journal =  {One J.},
  year =     2010
  author =   {Author, M.},
  title =    {Title Two},
  journal =  {Two J.},
  year =     2014
%%\renewcommand{\refname}{Bibliography}   %% you may need this

enter image description here

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