I updated TeXstudio portable 2.6.6 to 2.8.2 by copying the content of the zip-file into the existing directory. Unfortunately, all settings, macros etc. were gone when starting the new TeXstudio. How can I update TeXstudio portable without loosing the settings, macros etc?

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Keeping the texstudio.ini solves the problem. Due to the fact that the .zip file contains an empty .ini file, I ran into this problem.


I came across this question just today, and the solution is now slightly different. You can still use the texstudio.ini file. Alternatively, you can choose "Save Profile..." in your old version, then "Load Profile..." in the updated version, under "Options".

enter image description here

Depending on how you updated, this may not transfer the macros, though.

  • If you overwrote your previous portable folder, then your macros probably remained.
  • If you simply renamed/deleted your old portable folder, and use the newly extracted one, then the macros won't be there.

To get the macros,, there is a folder in /config called macros. Simply copy and paste that folder into your new /config folder.

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