Sorry for the basic question, but I got stuck finishing up my thesis. I'm using Scientific Workplace 5.5 (very basic LaTeX literacy) and I need to customize apacite to meet the faculty requirements.

I need to:

  1. be able to customize the .bbl file and deal with capitalization problems,

  2. create a "numbered" reference list,

  3. modify the spacing between lines.

Even if I edit the .bbl file using Notepad++, nothing changes in my output PDF file.

I am not sure where to add any necessary codes to introduce numbering as I'm using SWP.

Here is a sample of my .bbl file:


  C. Capps}{%
  C. Capps}{%
  Capps, C. \newblock{}\BBOP{}2010, June\BBCP{}. \newblock{}\BBOQ{}Buyer power in health plan mergers.\BBCQ{} \newblock{}\Bem{Journal of Competition Law and Economics}, \Bem{6}(2), 375-391.

  C. Capps \BBA{} Dranove}{%
  C. Capps \BBA{} Dranove}{%
  Capps, C.\BCBT{} \BBA{} Dranove, D. \newblock{}\BBOP{}2004, March\BBCP{}. \newblock{}\BBOQ{}Hospital consolidation and negotiated ppo prices.\BBCQ{} \newblock{}\Bem{Health Affairs}(2), 175-181.


Here is what my preamble in SWP looks like:

\newtheorem{definition}{Definition} \newtheorem{assumption}{Assumption}
\newenvironment{proof}[1][Proof]{\noindent\textbf{#1.} }{\ \rule{0.5em}{0.5em}}
\setlength{\parskip}{8pt plus 1pt minus 1pt}
  • Why don't you use biblatex with option style=apa? It's relatively easy to customise if one doesn't have too many modifications to do.
    – Bernard
    Commented Sep 4, 2014 at 22:20
  • I am not sure what question 1 means, but see BibTeX loses capitals when creating .bbl file. For question 2, enumerate bibliography items may be helpful. For question 3, a possible LaTeX solution would be to use \setstretch from the setspace package, although I have no if and how raw LaTeX code is to be used in Scientific WorkPlace documents. Making changes to .bbl files is error-prone because the changes will be overwritten if bibtex is run again.
    – mvkorpel
    Commented Sep 7, 2014 at 9:32

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I have learned that working with an online tex editor solves all these problems. I prefer writelatex as it simultaneously provides a preview, hence it's impossible to create a mess with the codes. As it is an online service there is no need to find and download every single additional package, so I can use the alternatives Bernard and mvkorpel adviced above.

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