I write a document, whose primary language is English. But I have some glossary entries whose names (aka label) are in German, but the description, etc. is in English again. I use the packages glossaries and babel.

So, some of my glossary definitions look like this:

    description={(ger.) German word for Bar.}%

Additionally, I want every entry in the glossary to start with a capital letter. Hence, I redefined


in the preamble. This results into a compilation error.

! Illegal parameter number in definition of \languagename

Instead, if I protected the argument with an addition {}, i.e.


the compilation is successful, but then the whole entry is capitalized not only the first letter. But that's not what I want.


The simple solution is to define a new command to switch the language


and then define the glossary entry as

    description={(ger.) German word for Bar.}%

instead. This way, the first argument of \foreignlanguage is hidden from \makefirstuc. Of course, a more general solution that could deal with arbitrary bi-parametric macros would be nice, but it is OK, because German is the only second languange that I need in my document.

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