I currently use \caption*{} elements from the caption package to add small notes and explanations underneath figures and tables. Since I want those notes to be small I write them as

\caption*{\footnotesize This is a note}

I have a lot of these so setting the \footnotesize every time seems a tad redundant. Is there any way to set a default font size for the \caption*{} element and for that element alone (in particular: to leave \caption{} unaffected)?


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You can define a new command that way:


A better solution, in my opinion, would be to load the threeparttable package and write in the preamble:


Then use the environment as follows:

\item[] Note/explanation1
\item[] Note/explanation2

The notes will have the width of the table. For figures, the corresponding environment is measuredfigure.

For long tables, you'll use the threeparttablex package. The syntax is slightly different: the environment is now ThreePartTable and the TableNotes environment is written at the beginning of the environment; the notes are inserted anywhere you want with the \inserTableNotes command, and they can be referenced. Finally, you have a \setTableNoteFont command.


Why do you use the \caption*command if you only need some notes. Simply do


this is some nonsense text

\caption{this is some nonsense text}


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