I've been using tex for some time now but mainly by filling provided templates with content. For my current project I found a nice template to format the chapter header, but can't manage to modify it for a matching bibliography. I've looked for two days through stackexchange and other sources but cant seem to find the correct solution. Here is a simple version of what I'm trying to do:

main tex file:



% Main
\chapter{Chapter 1}
\section{Section 1}
\ \\ some text with citation \cite{testCitation}

\chapter{Chapter 2}
\section{another section}
\ \\ and more text


\ \\
\chapter{Awesome additional information}
\ \\ appendix content


the preamble:


%load packages
\usepackage{cite} %bibtex
\usepackage{color}  %noetig um hintergrundfarbe der codelistings zu definieren

%create the chapter header

\definecolor{Gray}{gray}{0.95} %hintergrundfarbe der codelistings




    \@tempa{\ifnum \c@secnumdepth >\m@ne%
\raisebox{25pt}{\chapnumfont \chapapp \, \thechapter} \\% \\ 
%{\parbox[b]{\linewidth}{\chapnumfont Kapitel \thechapter}}
{\parbox[b]{\linewidth}{\chaptitlefont #1}}


    \raggedsection \interlinepenalty \@M 
{\parbox[b]{\linewidth}{\chaptitlefont #1}%
\vphantom{\raisebox{-15pt}{\chapnumfont 1}}}

and a very simple bib file:

@article{testCitation, author={authorName}, title={document title}, journal={The Journal}, volume={01}, number={02}, year={2014}}

My problem is the following: After compiling, all is well, except that on the page containing the bibliography, the chapter header looks like this:

**Chapter 3**
the actual content

and it should look like:

the actual content

I'm thankful for any suggestions!


Have a look at the KOMA-documentation. There is absolutyly no need to trouble yourself with internals.

If you want to have your bibliography included in the toc, use the global option bibliography=totoc or set it later with \KOMAoption.


  • Just noticed, that you completely (haven't had a closer look) redefined the internals. You shouldn't do that if you don't have the experience. There are also deprecated options in your document. – Johannes_B Sep 5 '14 at 21:27
  • I tried using \KOMAoption locally, but it did not work. When I tried once more, it worked, so I will delete my answer. You may tip regarding toc=bibliography. – Sveinung Sep 5 '14 at 22:15

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