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After compiling the LaTeX rightly, I try to view the .pdf file. But it said that

.pdf file not found.

I think maybe I need to correct some settings?

I am a beginner

Thank you very much!

Hello, world!
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As you can see on your screeshot you are using the LaTeX engine. Instead of a pdf, this engine provides a dvi-file.
You should use PDFLaTeX instead of LaTeX (choose from the dropdown list), which should output a proper pdf. See screenshot below:

enter image description here


I suspect your compiler is latex rather than pdflatex. If that's the case, you will find a .dvi file in the folder with your document.

To change the default compiler, if this is TeXstudio, try

Options -> Configure -> Build

and set the Default Compiler to PdfLaTeX .

If it's another environment, find out how to set the default compiler there to pdflatex.

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