I have a subequations environment which is labelled and inside it I have an alignat environment which has a label for each line.

Would you say it is ok to refer to the complete model as I do it in the MWE, because the concrete label (0.1) cannot be found directly as equation number? Or is there a better way to refer to the complete model, except referring to the range of equations like (0.1a)--(0.1b)?



I'm referring to the complete model \eqref{eq:MainLabel} and here to the restrictions \eqref{eq:Sub1} and \eqref{eq:Sub2}
    \sum_{m \in M}  x_m     & = 1      & \quad & , \forall m \in M \colon a \neq b  \label{eq:Sub1} \\
                          x_m     & = 1      && , \forall m \in M \colon e \neq f \label{eq:Sub2}           

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    there's a brief "recommendation" in the amsmath users guide (texdoc amsmath) in section 3.11.3. actually, it's more a description of what happens with the example shown. there's a slightly longer example in the "short math guide" on page 3. – barbara beeton Sep 7 '14 at 12:44
  • Is this a question about how to set up TeX and friends in order to cross-reference such a group of equations, or is it about mathematical terminology, i.e., about what to call such a group of equations? – Mico Nov 29 '14 at 16:57
  • @Mico Such a group of equations I usually call mathematical program. My question is about how to cross-reference the complete program in (La)TeX. The problem is if you reference the main label (eq:MainLabel) you get an equation number which is not printed within the document directly. So maybe just give the program a name like DLSP and refer to it with the name. But I would prefer a solution with an equation number which is also printed near the program. – user2653422 Nov 30 '14 at 10:08