Is there a way to change the way how the acronyms in glossaries package are printed on the first occurence when defining them via \newacronym{cd}{CD}{compact disk}. Currently I'm using the following to achieve it:

  description={Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms}, 
  first={\glstext*{BLAS} (\glsdesc*{BLAS})}%

which works, but is somehow to quite optimal yet since I need to particularly set the first-item. Any other ideas?

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You can use \defglsdisplayfirst to change the format applied to an acronym when it is referenced the first time:



    \glsentryshort{\glslabel} (\glsentrylong{\glslabel})#4%

\newacronym{BLAS}{BLAS}{Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms}




The \gls{BLAS} are \ldots


The resulting output is:


If you look into section 13.3 Defining A Custom Acronym Style of the glossaries documentation, you will find what you need.

An example of this code can be found in: http://archive.cs.uu.nl/mirror/CTAN/macros/latex/contrib/glossaries/samples/sample-custom-acronym.tex.


I encountered some problems with glsdisplayfirst (extra spaces after acronyms). Here is my solution using newacronymstyle (based on glossaries official sample code sam­ple-cus­tom-acronym.tex):

Latex output


%define new style:
\newacronymstyle{custom-fn}% new style name
{% Check for long form in case of a mixed glossary
{% Style definitions:
 % Redefine the commands used by \glsgenacfmt on first use:
   \glsentryshort{##1} (\glsentrylong{##1})##2%
   \Glsentryshort{##1} (\Glsentrylong{##1})##2%
   \glsentryshortpl{##1} (\glsentrylongpl{##1})##2%
   \Glsentryshortpl{##1} (\Glsentrylongpl{##1})##2%

% Now set the new acronym style (to override the default style)

% Set an appropriate glossary style:

% Now define the acronyms (must be done after setting the custom
% style)
\newacronym{blas}{BLAS}{Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms}


First occurence of \gls{blas}.

And second occurence of \gls{blas}.


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