I am trying to install the mtpro2 font for texlive2014 following the commands listed http://pctex.com/kb/62.html

Everything is working smoothly until the last command:

updmap-sys --enable Map mtpro2.map

which gives me the following error message:

exec: 30: updmap: not found

I am not sure what is the cause of this error. The only posts I could find online regarding such error are fairly old and related with Texlive 2008...

I tried to install this font on a Windows PC and another Linux PC and everything worked fine. Would you have any insight or tip regarding this type of error message ?


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    updmap-sys --enable Map=mtpro2.map is the usual syntax. Is PATH set correctly? Note that I see the link suggests that syntax only for Windows. However, that's what I've always used and I've never used TL on Windows. – cfr Sep 9 '14 at 20:56
  • On a UNIX system (including my Linux box), error 30 is EROFS, Read-only file system. Do you have write permission on it? This may be wholly irrelevant, as I see a different error on Mac OS when I don't have write permission. The "not found" looks more like updmap isn't in the user's PATH. – Adam Maxwell Sep 9 '14 at 21:26
  • @egreg Note that the OP is using TL 2014 which definitely provides these commands ;). Besides, the error is coming from the final line of updmap-sys which is just a 30-line wrapper around updmap. So the system clearly has updmap-sys and definitely ought to have updmap unless something fairly serious is wrong with the TeX Live installation. – cfr Sep 9 '14 at 22:24
  • @cfr Oh, sorry, I misinterpreted the post. – egreg Sep 9 '14 at 22:25
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    If I run PATH=/usr/bin/ /usr/local/texlive/bin/updmap-sys --help, I get /usr/local/texlive/bin/updmap-sys: line 30: exec: updmap: not found which further suggests to me that this is a problem with PATH or a more serious one with the installation of TL. If updmap-sys is being invoked without a full path, it would be odd that updmap is not also found. But if updmap-sys is being invoked with a full path specification, it is very possible that updmap might not be found. @AdamMaxwell I'm pretty sure 30 is the line number and not an error code. – cfr Sep 9 '14 at 22:28

The problem was in the definition of PATH.

After updating the PATH, I was able to run the updmap command properly. It should be said that the code 30 was indeed related to a line number and not an error code as updmap is called on line 30 of updmap-sys.

Thanks !

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