How does one generate italic font in LyX? I just want to select some text and click something in the menu system or type a keyboard shortcut to do this. I have previously found it in the menu system, but it's not in a place that's intuitive for me so I cannot find it quickly.

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Select some text. Then, under the menu Edit > Text Style > Customize... (or right-click Text Style > Customize...)

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Under Shape, select Italic:

enter image description here

This translates to \textit from LaTeX's point of view.

Alternatively you can emphasize an item (translated to LaTeX's \emph) by using Ctrl + E.

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    Using emphasis is probably a better idea than specifying italic explicitly. As an alternative to the keyboard shortcut, there is also a toolbar button: it's on the top row, about two thirds of the way across, and looks like a letter A with an exclamation mark over the top. Sep 11, 2014 at 9:45

There is a convoluted menu system for this, but the shortcut is Ctrl + E. The 'e' stands for emphasis.


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