When using the parenthetical citation with two or more than two papers in apacite, we can separate by comma:



This gives (Jorgenson, Ho, and Stiroh, 2002; Solow,1962)

I was wondering whether there is a similar approach for using in-text citation with two or more papers:

\citeA{jorgenson2002projecting,solow1962technical} % two papers
\citeA{jorgenson2002projecting,solow1962technical,jones2002sources} %three papers

This gives Jorgenson, Ho, and Stiroh (2002); Solow (1962) and

Jorgenson, Ho, and Stiroh (2002); Solow (1962); Jones(2002)

but what I want is:

Jorgenson, Ho, and Stiroh (2002) and Solow (1962)

 Jorgenson, Ho, and Stiroh (2002), Solow (1962), and Jones(2002)


Jones, C. I. (2002). Sources of US economic growth in a world of ideas. American Economic Review, 220-239.
Jorgenson, D. W., Ho, M. S., & Stiroh, K. J. (2002). Projecting productivity growth: lessons from the US growth resurgence (Vol. 20036). Washington, DC.
Solow, R. M. (1962). Technical progress, capital formation, and economic growth. The American Economic Review, 76-86.

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.


Looking at the apacite manual section 6.1, you need to redefine the \BBC command. It's default is '; ' (semicolon plus space). You simply need to redefine it to ', ' (comma plus space).

  • This solution always uses a comma to separate the items in a list of citations. It looks like the original poster wants ", and " before the last item when there are at least three of them in a single \citeA. When there are only two items the comma should be left out. – mvkorpel Sep 16 '14 at 15:42

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