I am using makeidx with \makeindex, hyperref, and documentclass amsbook. When I view the index, the correct page numbers are listed. But, when I click on the page number it sends me to the wrong page. For example, it will say that "finite" is on page 2, which is correct. But, when I click on "2" it sends me to the second page starting from the title page, not the second page starting from the first page of the book proper. Here are the pertinent parts of my preamble

\hypersetup{colorlinks, linkcolor=blue}
\hypersetup{colorlinks, urlcolor=green}





\chapter{Chapter 1}

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This is the effect of hypertexnames=false, because it uses simplified anchor names. For example page numbers by \thepage are replaced by the absolute plain page number. This way, \thepage can contain complicate stuff that would break in anchor names, but \hyperpage will not work as expected, if there are different page number forms and ranges.

With the default values (hypertexnames=true and some other) the page links should work again in the index.

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