I've been using TeXMaker for a while now and it usually works fine. A couple of months ago i wrote my own class and style files, started to use them and it worked fine. I had placed the .cls and .sty files in the same directory as the .tex files that were using it. The problem is that I've started to use the class and style in multiple places and thus wanted to move the .cls and .sty files to the C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.9\tex\latex\base directory so that I didn't have to copy them to every directory where they're used.

After doing this I get the error code

"! LaTeX Error: File `CV.cls' not found."

Any ideas on how to solve this?


The above mentioned link may not be sufficiciently detailed. So here are some more information.

First you create a local TeXMF directory, say C:\LocalTeXMF and declare it to your MiKTeX system through MiKTeX Settings (as administrator), Root tab, Add button:

enter image description here

In that directory, put you class/style files in a directory of their own, respecting the TeX Directory Structure, for instance C:\LocalTeXMF\tex\latex\CV\. Check you files don't have the same name as another existing file. If you have a documentation file, put it in C:\LocalTeXMF\doc\latex\CV\.

Finally, refresh the database of files, always through MiKTeX Settings, General tab, Refresh FNDB button:

enter image description here

Your files are now ready to be used from anywhere on your computer.


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