How to organize the list of publication showing the newest first? Other users have suggested to use plainyr.bst, because this bst file already organizes by year, then change the single line from ITERATE {call.type$} to REVERSE {call.type$}, and save with a different name. I am not sure why but this simple procedure is not working for me, I get no output at all. However when compiling with plainyr.bst I do get the expected output with oldest publication first. Could anyone provide further help? I use MikTex2.9 Thanks.


Because you gave us no minimal working example here just a guess and the way I do it for my own cv:

I have one special bib file, containing my works for the cv. I sort them by my own, so the first bib entry in the file is the newest one.

Then most of work is done. Now you can use style unsrtdin to get the wished result. I have used package filecontents to add a bib file.

  author    = {John Doe and John Smith},
  title     = {Title},
  publisher = {Publisher},
  edition   = {edition},
  year      = {2014},
  author    = {John Doe and Eva Smith},
  title     = {Title2},
  publisher = {Publisher2},
  edition   = {edition},
  year      = {2013},
  author = {Jim Knopf},
  title  = {Title},
  year   = {2012},
  author = {John Doe and Max Musterfrau},
  title  = {Title},
  year   = {2011},



% personal data
\title{Resumé title}                  
\address{street and number}{postcode city}{country}
\extrainfo{additional information}    
\photo[64pt][0.4pt]{example-image-a} % change image name 
\quote{Some quote}                    


\selectlanguage{ngerman} % German cv


% Publications from a BibTeX file without multibib
\renewcommand{\refname}{Veröffentlichungen}  % instead "Publications"
\nocite{*}                   % cite all entrys in bib file
\bibliographystyle{unsrtdin} % german bib styles: gerplain, plaindin, unsrtdin
                             % compare with plain (wrong "and" instead German "und")
                             % gerplain: -> 12 errors \sc undefined, missing "`und"' or "`;"'
                             % plaindin, unsrtdin: unwanted bibitems
\bibliography{\jobname}      % bib file \jobname.bib


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