I am learning more about Tikz for drawing graphs. I am using the PGF3 stuff.

This layered graph is not laying out well. I want the graph to be symmetrical about the vertical axis, that passes though the top node.

By symmetrical I mean the positions of the nodes to be symmetrical. The edges can not be, and the text being symmetrical of-course makes no sense.



\begin{tikzpicture} [tree layout, 
            nodes={draw,circle, minimum width=30mm, align=center, inner sep=0.5em},
            innode/.style={draw=red, thick, dotted, inner sep=0em, scale=0.75},
            sibling distance=25mm, 
            level distance=25mm,

    \node(attack) {Shooting\\ Imminant}; 
    \node(shoot) {Ready to\\ to Shoot};
    \node(tense) {Ball Holder \\Tense};
    \node(fient) {Likely to Feint};
    \node(pass) {Teammate\\ Open\\for Pass};
    \node(rebound) {Teammate\\ Ready\\ to Catch\\ Rebound};
    \node(aiming) {Ball Holder\\Aiming};
    \node(goals) {Teammate\\ near goals};

    \node[innode](hand) {Hand Pos};
    \node[innode](head) {Head Facing};
    \node[innode](foot) {Foot Pos};
    \node[innode](team){ Team1 Positions};
    \node[innode](player){Ball Holder Pos};

        {(tense), (aiming)}->(shoot);
        {(rebound), (shoot),(fient)}->(attack);

        {(head),(hand),(foot)} -> {(tense)};
        {(hand),(head),(player)} -> (aiming);
        {(player),(team)} -> {(pass)};      
        {(team)} -> (goals);

  • Please complete your example in order to make it compilable! Thanks. And how shall we position the red circles? Their connections to the upper nodes can't be symmetrical. – LaRiFaRi Sep 19 '14 at 8:28
  • 2
    @LaRiFaRi: Fixed. I forgot I had the preamble in a separate file (QTikz does it that way). Also I clarified what i mean by symmetrical. The connections (edges) don't need to be. Only the node positions. – Lyndon White Sep 19 '14 at 12:15

Idea: §27.10 Using Several Different Layouts to Draw a Single Graph

\begin{tikzpicture}[sibling distance=25mm,level distance=25mm,thick,
    nodes={draw,circle,minimum width=30mm,align=center,inner sep=0.5em},
    innode/.style={draw=red,thick,dotted,inner sep=0em,scale=0.75}]
    \graph[layered layout]{
        //[tree layout]{
        //[tree layout]{
            rebound/Teammate\\Ready\\to Catch\\Rebound,
            shoot/Ready to\\to Shoot,
            fient/Likely to Feint};
        //[tree layout]{
            goals/Teammate\\near goals,
            aiming/Ball Holder\\Aiming,
            tense/Ball Holder\\Tense,
            pass/Teammate\\Open\\for Pass};
        //[tree layout]{
            head/Head Facing[innode],
            hand/Hand Pos[innode],
            team/Team1 Positions[innode],
            player/Ball Holder Pos[innode],
            foot/Foot Pos[innode]};

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