The following question-answers show a method of avoiding page-breaks in between references:
How can I prevent page break between lines of a paragraph or bibliography entry?

The answers which suggest inserting \interlinepenalty=10000 are simple and work really well. However, each time bibtex compiles the .bbl file, I have to manually edit it for inserting the interline penalty command. Then I have to run my .bat file all over again after commenting out the bibtex.exe command.

Since this is a bit cumbersome, is there a way I could configure bibtex.exe to do it for me?

  • Continuing with my approach related to most of the things that don't work out the straight way (usually because of me being ignorant of the straight way), I am currently writing a Python script to do this repetitive task for me. – Shashank Sawant Sep 19 '14 at 16:52

If you add

@preamble{"\interlinepenalty=10000 "}

in the .bib file, the instruction will appear before \begin{thebibliography}. If you want it to hold only in the thebibliography environment, just patch \thebibliography.


  \apptocmd\thebibliography{\interlinepenalty=10000 }{}{}%

should do.

  • I didn't understand the difference between the two solutions you have provided. If I add @preamble{"\in...} in the .bib file, the instruction will appear before \begin{thebi...}. Why is this different from your second solution, in that why will it affect environments other than the thebibliography environment? – Shashank Sawant Sep 19 '14 at 17:06
  • 2
    @ShashankSawant The \@preamble solution makes the setting to \interlinepenalty hold until \end{document}. If the bibliography is the last thing in the document, it's obviously the simplest strategy. With the “patch” method, the change is limited to the environment and ends with \end{thebibliography}. – egreg Sep 19 '14 at 17:09

The field @preamble is there for things like these.


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