I am writing a two-column document. First everything was fine but then without changing anything I starred getting a 5-7 line space between two paragraphs on first page of my document. I searched n tried \raggedbottom. With this the space appeared on bottom of second column. What i don't understand is that why text of my second page is shifted to the space on fort page of my document?

I know MWE is required for useful suggestions but i just have text with few math packages. Has anyone experienced such a thing. To me it seemed like a bug but after several unsuccessful attempts I thought of posing a question

  • These last two paragraphs of same section. with and without \raggedbottom , next section is always starting from next page. with \raggedbottom, space is available on first page then ideally, next section should start right after previous section but this is not happening – user62535 Sep 21 '14 at 23:30
  • 2
    Welcome to TeX SE! As you said, an MWE is needed in order to provide useful suggestions. I assume that there is not sufficient space to start a new section on the first page. (Insufficient space given the configuration of sections, penalties etc.) It is impossible to say more without an MWE because these things depend on a variety of factors, including the class and other packages, as well as what is at the beginning of the next section etc. Basically, TeX tries to break pages in sensible places by 'looking ahead' to what is coming up on the first part of the next page. – cfr Sep 22 '14 at 0:32
  • Try '\enlargethispage{2\baselineskip} to see if the space disappear. If, decrease to 1, if not, increase to 3. The page will have more lines, but it may be better that too much with space. My advise: Wait until you have finished the document before starting with this type of fine tuning. – Sveinung Sep 22 '14 at 10:01

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