my problem has to do with editors. I wish to cite an author's work. Said work is part of a series. Said series has its own editor (as is custom). I doubt, that said editor (Werner Hamacher) has in any way edited the books themselves. Unfortunately, if I merely qualify Mr. Hamacher as the editor, the following mess is produced:

Agamben, Giorgio (2009). What is an Apparatus? and other essays. Ed. by Werner Hamacher. Trans. by David Kishik and Stefan Pedatella. Meridian. Crossing Aesthetics. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.

This wrongly suggests, that Mr. Hamacher has edited the book itself. Is it possible, to change the order of this citation in such a way, that "Ed. by Werner Hamacher" is closer, ideally right next to, "Merdian. Crossing Aesthetics", which happens to be the series name. Is there a specific "series editor" that I've have overlooked?

I am using BibLaTeX and biber.


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If you just want to define a special type of editor, you can do this:



    byserieseditor              =   {series ed\adddotspace by},
    serieseditor                    =   {series ed\adddot},

    author      =   {Agamben, Giorgio},
    date            =   2009,
    title           =   {What is an Apparatus? and other essays},
    translator  =   {Kishik, David and Pedatella, Stefan},
    editor      =   {Hamacher, Werner},
    editortype  =   {serieseditor},
    series      =   {Crossing Aesthetics},
    location        =   {Stanford, CA},
    publisher       =   {Stanford University Press/Meridian}}





edited series

But if you want to do more extensive surgery then you will need the kind of strategy recommended by moewe.

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