I was wondering if it's possible to produce the anarchy symbol (the circled 'A') in LaTeX. I tried googling "latex anarchist" and got nothing but merchandise and porn, and while I'm not complaining, I also wanted the anarchy symbol.


Here are the Unicode code points for anarchic symbols. But the circled A is not at all pleasant. Maybe you have to download some cooler font.... I posted these just so you can see what exists and how to use it.

% arara: lualatex

\newcommand{\test}[1]{#1 & \setmainfont{#1}\symbol{"24B6} & \setmainfont{#1}\symbol{"2605} & \setmainfont{#1}\symbol{"2691}}

        Font& A & Black Star & Black Flag\\\midrule
        Font Awesome&&&\faFlag\\\bottomrule

Screenshot of TeX code above: anarchist symbols from various fonts

From Mr. Kormylo's comment:

% arara: pdflatex



Screenshot of TeX code above: a circled A

And finally, here is the symbol from Wikipedia (I enlarged the horizontal bar for you). As your question was how to produce the anarchy symbol, I will explain that a bit. You download an SVG file from somewhere (like the one provided by Wikipedia) and open it in Inkscape. You will need to install the add-on inkscape2tikz. In Inkscape you choose

Extensions -> Export -> Export to TikZ Path.

The rest should be clear.

% arara: pdflatex


\begin{tikzpicture}[y=0.5pt, x=0.5pt,yscale=-1]
\path[cm={{0.0,-1.0,1.0,0.0,(0.0,0.0)}},fill=black,rounded corners=0.0000cm]
(-360.0000,49.3220) rectangle (-296.0000,557.6695);
\path[fill=black] (300.0000,0.0000) .. controls (135.0000,0.0000) and
(0.0000,135.0000) .. (0.0000,300.0000) .. controls (0.0000,465.0000) and
(135.0000,600.0000) .. (300.0000,600.0000) .. controls (465.0000,600.0000) and
(600.0000,465.0000) .. (600.0000,300.0000) .. controls (600.0000,135.0000) and
(465.0000,0.0000) .. (300.0000,0.0000) -- cycle(300.0000,64.0000) .. controls
(431.0000,64.0000) and (536.0000,169.0000) .. (536.0000,300.0000) .. controls
(536.0000,431.0000) and (431.0000,536.0000) .. (300.0000,536.0000) .. controls
(169.0000,536.0000) and (64.0000,431.0000) .. (64.0000,300.0000) .. controls
(64.0000,169.0000) and (169.0000,64.0000) .. (300.0000,64.0000) -- cycle;
corners=0.0000cm] (-328.0631,-404.1956) rectangle (-264.0631,95.8044);
corners=0.0000cm] (-279.6533,-657.7666) rectangle (-215.6533,-157.7666);

Screenshot of TeX code above: the Anarchist symbol

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Fancy anarchy with TikZ:


\tikzset{mydeco/.style={decoration={random steps,segment length=.6,amplitude=.5},decorate,line cap=round}}

    \draw[ultra thick,mydeco,decorate,red,fill=red](0,0)--(1,.3)--cycle;
    \draw[ultra thick,mydeco,red,fill=red](.2,-.3)--(.5,.7)--cycle;
    \draw[ultra thick,mydeco,red,fill=red](.5,.7)--(.8,-.3)--cycle;
    \draw[red,ultra thick,line cap=round,mydeco](.5,.15) circle(.4);

Some real \tikz\pic{anarchy};narchy

enter image description here

Also in a more scalable fashion (doesn't scale to \tiny)


\tikzset{mydeco/.style={decoration={random steps,segment length=.08em,amplitude=.05em},decorate,line cap=round}}

    \draw[line width=.1em,mydeco,decorate,red,fill=red](0em,0em)--(1.2em,.3em)--cycle;
    \draw[line width=.1em,mydeco,red,fill=red](.2em,-.3em)--(.5em,.7em)--cycle;
    \draw[line width=.1em,mydeco,red,fill=red](.5em,.7em)--(.8em,-.3em)--cycle;
    \draw[line width=.1em,red,line cap=round,mydeco](.5em,.2em) circle(.6em);


\scriptsize Some real \anarchy{}narchy

\footnotesize Some real \anarchy{}narchy

\small Some real \anarchy{}narchy

\normalsize Some real \anarchy{}narchy

\large Some real \anarchy{}narchy

enter image description here

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A variant with tikz with longer horizontal bar:



    line width=\dimexpr.2\dimexpr(#1)\relax\relax,
    circle []
    (90:1) -- (235:1)
    (90:1) -- (305:1)
    (185:1) -- (-5:1)


Anarchy symbol


Here's a scalable TikZ variant which I drew as part of a larger project:

        \draw [line width=.1*#1, {Round Cap[length=.025*#1]}-{Round Cap[length=.025*#1]}, pic actions] (-.5*#1,-.1*#1) -- (.6*#1,.1*#1);
        \draw [line width=.1*#1, line join=bevel, {Round Cap[length=.025*#1]}-{Round Cap[length=.025*#1]}, pic actions] (-.25*#1,-.475*#1) -- (0,.5*#1) coordinate (-vertex) -- (.35*#1,-.525*#1);
        \node  [draw, line width=.1*#1, anchor=center, align=center, pic actions] at (0,0) [circle through={($(-vertex) + (-.15*#1,-.125*#1)$)}] {};
  \pic [red] {anarchy={50pt}};

anarchy in red

Hence you can, if you wish, say

  \path  pic [red!50!black] {anarchy={25pt}} -- ++(30pt,0) pic [red] {anarchy=50pt} -- ++(60pt,0) pic [black] {anarchy={75pt}};

to obtain

several anarchies

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