Springer's LNCS class (found in llncs.zip) gives a fontaxes warning when I try to load the following additional fonts:


%\subsection{Hello} % uncomment this line to see warning

Presumably fontaxes is being used internally somewhere, although I don't actually know what fontaxes does; introducing a subsection seems to be sufficient to cause the warning, as the code above shows.

Although I can suppress the warnings, I would rather fix the problem, or at least have someone convince me it's a non-problem.

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    llncs.sty is a LaTeX2.09 style, not a class, and doesn't work with \documentclass. If I download llncs.cls from the Springer website and run your example I do get the message: I guess this is what you meant? As the class is for a publisher, I'd be very wary of making any font changes or indeed loading any packages you do not absolutely require. – Joseph Wright Sep 24 '14 at 6:08
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    The subsection is in bold and fontaxes (loaded by libertine) is trying to change bold math but can't with iwona. The warning is imho not a problem but it is always possible that the code doesn't take in to account some special font setup or that some font package you load does something unusual so keep an eye on the math. – Ulrike Fischer Sep 24 '14 at 8:43
  • @JosephWright Re. class vs. style - correct. I'll update the question. – Roly Sep 24 '14 at 10:07
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    The problem appears also with the article class as soon as one tries to do {\boldmath$a$}. The iwona package is not compatible with fontaxes that's required by libertine. – egreg Sep 24 '14 at 10:10
  • @UlrikeFischer @egreg Useful information, thanks. (I've been using these packages together for many months but only ran into this problem when I started using llncs.cls, so I guess I just haven't been using both math.) – Roly Sep 24 '14 at 10:15

The package iwona sets the math fonts in a way that's incompatible with fontaxes, which is required by libertine. The warning does not depend on the class, as it shows also with the article class as soon as one issues


which llncs.cls does when section titles are typeset.

You get the same result, with no warning or error, by defining directly the math fonts as done in iwona.sty, with the necessary small changes.


\DeclareSymbolFont{operators}   {OT1}{iwonam}{m}{n}
\DeclareSymbolFont{letters}     {OML}{iwona}{m}{it}
\DeclareSymbolFont{symbols}     {OMS}{iwona}{m}{n}
\SetSymbolFont{operators}   {bold}{OT1}{iwonam} {b}{n}
\SetSymbolFont{letters}     {bold}{OML}{iwona} {b}{it}
\SetSymbolFont{symbols}     {bold}{OMS}{iwona}{b}{n}






However, text in Linux Libertine and math in Iwona is a real punch in the eye.

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