Related to this wrongly repeated frame question, I use handoutWithNotes for the handout version of a beamer presentation. How can one know that there is no more frame to be displayed so one can suppress the corresponding Notes lines?



\pgfpagesuselayout{3 on 1 with notes}[a4paper,border shrink=3mm]

    \frametitle{Detailed outline} 



\subtitle{Yellow pgfpages}


\subsection{Sub 1}
\foreach \x in {1} {%
  \begin{frame}{Title \x}
    This is frame number \x

\subsection{Sub 2}
\foreach \x in {2,...,3} {%
  \begin{frame}{Title \x}
    This is frame number \x

\subsection{Sub 3}
\foreach \x in {4,...,7} {%
  \begin{frame}{Title \x}
    This is frame number \x


Bad news: handoutWithNotes.sty uses pgfpages, which copies the note-part before typesets the beamer-part. That is to say. That is to say, those note-lines are put on pdf before pgfpages knows how many pages left.

Good news: you can do it manually. Put \pgfpagesshipoutlogicalpage{6}\vbox{} at the end. This will clean up the bottom-right logical page.

Even better: You can check whether the left hand side is empty before you empty it.

\ifvoid\csname pgfpages@box@2\endcsname\pgfpagesshipoutlogicalpage{5}\vbox{}\fi
\ifvoid\csname pgfpages@box@3\endcsname\pgfpagesshipoutlogicalpage{6}\vbox{}\fi

But I prefer to fill the rest of page using note-lines:

\ifvoid\csname pgfpages@box@2\endcsname\pgfpagesshipoutlogicalpage{2}\copy\notesbox\fi
\ifvoid\csname pgfpages@box@3\endcsname\pgfpagesshipoutlogicalpage{3}\copy\notesbox\fi
  • Hi Symbol 1, I inserted the first two lines instead of %%% Output note-lines everywhere % \pgfpagesshipoutlogicalpage{5}\copy\notesbox % \pgfpagesshipoutlogicalpage{6}\copy\notesbox but the problem is these two lines empty indifferently both logical pages 5 and 6. It's as if the test was not working. – green diod Sep 24 '14 at 15:09

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