I am trying to draw a circuit. There has to be a voltage source between the small dots, but it does not show up in the circuit.

The following is a minimal example of the problem. I just tried it in Sharelatex.com.

\ctikzset {bipoles/thickness=1}
\begin{circuitikz}[ scale =1.4, american, cute inductors, line width=0.8, line cap=round, line join=round]
\draw                          %%%% These commands shoud
(0,2)  [V=20<\volt>] (2,2);   %%%% draw a voltage source
to [I_=1<\ampere>,*-] ++(0,-2);
\draw (0,0)
to [short] (4,0) to [R=10<\ohm>] (4,2) to [short] (4,4) to [R=10<\ohm>] (0,4) to [short] (0,2);
(2,2) to [I^=2<\ampere>,*-] (4,2);
  to [R=20<\ohm>](2,2);

The compiled LaTeX code above.



You are missing the to in line 10:

(0,2) to [V=20<\volt>] (2,2);   %%%% draw a voltage source

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