I was going crazy with the LyX and MikTeX configuration for a new class,I think I have done it matching the step! but None I get

here what i've done:

Get a copy of the class file, and copy it into a folder with the same name into C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\MiKTeX\2.8\tex\latex. So, for ociamthesis.cls, you should have a folder called ociamthesis within C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\MiKTeX\2.8\tex\latex. This is Windows Vista / Windows 7 specific, you will soon see why… Create a new file and paste the following into it:

% Do not delete the line below; configure depends on this
 \DeclareLaTeXClass[xxx]{article (xxx)}
 Input general definitions

Input stdclass.inc replacing xxx with the class name (without the .cls extension).

In my case, xxx is eethesis, and the code above becomes:

% Do not delete the line below; configure depends on this
 \DeclareLaTeXClass[ociamthesis]{report (ociamthesis)}
 Input general definitions
 Input stdclass.inc

Thanks goes out to Adding a new class in LyX for this.

Save this file to C:\Program Files\LyX16\Resources\layouts, naming it ociamthesis.layout. In a command prompt (type cmd in start menu), type texhash. What you will now see it doing is iterating through several folders for new classes, one of which (C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\MiKTeX\2.8\) is where we copied the ociamthesis.cls class file into. Within Lyx, hit Tools > Reconfigure, then restart Lyx.

but when I try to run, I get this error message : LaTeX Error :

File 'ociamthesis.sty' not found

Can anyone help me?


I don't use Lyx (and looking at your complicated description I'm quite grateful ;-)) but two remarks:

  1. you add a .cls file while your error message miss a .sty. If you quoted the error message correctly, your lyx configuration is probably wrong.
  2. If the error message actually says that the cls is not found then either your root (C:\User\...\2.8) is either not a known root of miktex or you didn't update its FNDB. Check in miktex settings if the root is listed (check "show miktex roots) and update the FNDB. If you have a multiuser setup do it in user and admin mode.
  • I run MikteX as Admin, the roots are C:\ProgramData\MikTeX\2.8 and C:\Program Files\MikTeX2.8 but when I run it as user, the roots are C:\Users\win7\AppData\Roaming\MikTeX\2.8 and C:\Users\win7\AppData\Local\MikTeX\2.8 beside the two above. so there are 4 root of MikTeX if I run it as user. yes, I've done All of your suggestion, but I still get the same error message?? – Verly Jun 11 '11 at 3:34
  • You didn't say if your error message actually miss a .sty or .cls. I can't help you if you got the lyx part wrong. But to test the miktex part: Make with an editor a small latex document test.tex which starts with \documentclass{ociamthesis} and compile it on the command line with latex test. If ociamthesis.cls is found the miktex part is ok. – Ulrike Fischer Jun 11 '11 at 10:22
  • thanks Ulrike, I found my mistake, some packages in ociamthesis not yet instal in my MiKTeX, now the template is running well, but I get new problem, althought it's running well but the new environments I've define and create in ociamthesis can't appear in the lyx dropdown menu environment. do you know why ? – Verly Jun 15 '11 at 9:04
  • No. As I said: I'm not using lyx. – Ulrike Fischer Jun 15 '11 at 9:13

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