I'm trying to create a package with some options. However, whenever I declare options and load other packages, I receive the following error:

LaTeX Error: \RequirePackage or \LoadClass in Options Section.

What is going on here and/or how do I declare package options and load packages?

Here is a minimal example replicating the problem:

\newcommand{\mycmd}{new}% Define some command
\DeclareOption{change}{\renewcommand{\mycmd}{renew}}% Package option `change` updates \mycmd
\RequirePackage{amsmath}% Load amsmath

\mycmd% This should be "new"

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At the moment you use \DeclareOption, your style file is divided into three parts:

  1. Pre-options Section (above first \DeclareOption);

  2. Options Section (between first \DeclareOption and \ProcessOptions); and

  3. Post-options Section (after \ProcessOptions).

Whatever is contained within the pre-options section has already been processed. So, the only problem arises with content beyond this point.

Since the possibility exists that you may want to conditionally load a package (or class) based on some option, and the fact that once a package (or class) is loaded you can't "undo" the action, \RequirePackage (also \usepackage) is made a invoke an error if used within the options section. Here's an example of how one may decide to load a package conditionally:

\newif\if@loadhyperref %\@loadhyperreffalse

You'll have to \ProcessOptions before \RequirePackage (in the above case, outside the if-condition), for the above code to be successful. In general, issue \ProcessOptions in order to put yourself in the post-options section before you can load any more packages (or classes).

In the specific example, the following change to mystyle.sty should suffice:

\ProcessOptions% Process package options
\RequirePackage{amsmath}% Load amsmath

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