I have ellipses with hatch. I want to use lines or bricks hatch but more rare than default.

I can change spread between lines in this way Custom and built in TikZ fill patterns. It worked, but it's so ugly and I don't know how to scale bricks.

I tried to do so https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/125545/53834, but it didn't help -- hatch adapts to new scale.

So, my image is


  % defining the new dimensions
  % declaring the keys in tikz
  % setting the default values
  % declaring the pattern
  \pgfdeclarepatternformonly[\hatchspread,\hatchthickness]% variables
     {custom north west lines}% name
     {\pgfqpoint{-2\hatchthickness}{-2\hatchthickness}}% lower left corner
     {\pgfqpoint{\dimexpr\hatchspread+2\hatchthickness}{\dimexpr\hatchspread+2\hatchthickness}}% upper right corner
     {\pgfqpoint{\hatchspread}{\hatchspread}}% tile size
     {% shape description
    \draw[pattern=custom north west lines] (-2,0) ellipse (1cm and 2cm);
    \draw (2,0) ellipse (.7cm and 1.5cm);

I include it this way


I want to get more elegant solution for more rare hatch, or scale it normally (with hatch scaling). And I don't want to make it PNG -- I want to use vector graphics or, if nothing will help, SVG.

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    Your first link is actually one of weird sites that hijack Stackexchange questions and answers, I've included the original in your question. – percusse Sep 28 '14 at 10:31

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