I would like to know how I could have margin notes only on the right side of my document using a twoside document class. This is a part of my preamble :

\XeTeXinputencoding iso-8859-1
\usepackage{graphicx}  %% For \scalebox

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This can be done quite easily using KOMA option twoside=semi.




\renewcommand{\chapterpagestyle}{scrheadings}%<--- for testing only


\chapter{Walzing Wombat}
\blindtext\marginpar{pogo penguin}
\chapter{Rock and Roll Rabbit}
\blindtext\marginpar{Samba Snake}


I have used a layout similar to questions in Walter Pauk's book How to Study in College

\normalmarginpar %Use \reversemarginpar to change to side of \marginpar.

This is an global setting, i.e. won't be limited to the current group/environment.

However \normalmarginpar switches back to the normal side.

margin notes only on the right side[1

Based on the great answer provided by Martin Scharrer.

How can I add margin notes on inner side of a page only for even pages in two sides mode?

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