I am using the book class, so the page numbering is in the corners of the document. When calling the \bibliography command, LaTeX creates a page with the standard numbering (centered, at the bottom) and then switches back to the book numbering for the rest of the bibliography pages.

What is happening here, how do I fix this?

  • The behavior you describe is standard for all numbered and unnumbered chapter-level headers (which includes the Bibliography sectioning header) of the book document class: the first page is set with the page style plain (with the page number placed centered at the bottom of the page), and additional pages are set with page style headings. If you don't like this setting and want to change it for the bibliography, you should probably change it for all chapter-level sectioning headers, whether numbered or unnumbered, as well. – Mico Sep 29 '14 at 17:24
  • OK I didn't realize this because I had removed the numbering on new chapter pages. Could you direct me to an explanation on how to do this? – Marc Sep 29 '14 at 17:29

The titlesec package with the pagestyles option lets you define different styles and assign them to 'normal' pages with \pagestyle{<style>} or just for the chapter pages with \assignpagestyle{\chapter}{<style>}.

Since you are using the book class, you can define the header and the footer for even and odd sides independently. For example:


 \headrule \footrule
 \sethead[][][\chaptertitle] %even
         {\sectiontitle}{}{} %odd
 \setfoot[\thepage][][] %even
         {}{}{\thepage} %odd


And then:


If I understand your setup correctly, you want the first page of every chapter-level unit, whether numbered or unnumbered, to have no page number at all -- neither at the bottom center of a page nor in the header line.

You haven't indicated how you've achieved this look for the other chapter-level units, but one way of achieving this look globally, i.e., for the entire document, would be to insert the instructions


in the preamble. These instructions "let" the plain page style (which prints a page number centered at the bottom of the page) to the empty page style. I think you can guess what the main characteristic of the empty page style is...

  • The "no page number on chapter pages" thing is something I set up (using \thispagestyle{empty}, by the way) because I found the change of style not very good looking, and disturbing for the reader. Your solution would perfectly do. But I'd also be interested in a way to have the "corner numbering" everywhere, including chapter pages, which seems doable with your approach. – Marc Sep 29 '14 at 18:23

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