I used an offset of 2.5cm for the title and now I want to move the photo 2.5cm more to the left.

How can I get that done?


\moderncvtheme[grey]{classic}                % idem
\recomputelengths  % required when changes are made to page layout lengths
\fancyfoot{} % clear all footer fields
\fancyfoot[RE,LO]{\footnotesize } % other info in "inner" position of footer line

\title{Curriculum Vitae}
%\vspace{-15cm} % useless?
{\textbf{*}}{\small date of birth, City (Country)\normalsize}
{\faFlag{}}{\small Nationality\normalsize}

\section{Desired Employment and Current Skills}
\cvline{}{\Large Computer Guy}
\cvline{}{\small Wow, look at my skills!}

You have to find the correct location inside \makecvtitle and patch it using etoolbox. moderncv doesn't provide a hook explicitly for this kind of adjustment.

The following patch adjusts for the placement:

\patchcmd{\makecvtitle}% <cmd>
  {\usebox{\makecvtitlepicturebox}\\[2.5em]}% <search>
  {\hspace*{-2.5cm}\usebox{\makecvtitlepicturebox}\\[2.5em]}% <replace>
  {}{}% <success><failure>

enter image description here

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