I'm using biblatex to manage bibliographies, and the backref=true option to:

print back references in the bibliography. The back references are a list of page numbers indicating the pages on which the respective bibliography entry is cited

I'm writing a document with several chapters using the report class. The content of each chapter is put in a refsegment environment and \printbibliography[segment=\therefsegment,heading=subbibliography] is used at the end of it to show the corresponding references list. Besides that, at the end of the document, the global bibliography (which includes the references cited in all the chapters) is printed with \printbibliography[heading=bibliography].

As a result, the (cit. on pp. <page>, <page>...) is the same with all the \printbibliography calls. If a reference is cited in chapter 1 and 2, both pages (cit. on pp. <pageinch1>, <pageinch2>) will appear in the partial lists of chapter 1 and chapter 2, and in the global list (see MWE below).

How can I make biblatex show only the pages corresponding to a refsegment in the references list when the [heading=subbibliography] option is used to print it? I'd like to have the behaviour of a refsection for the backrefs in each chapter, but that of a refsegment for the entries so that all the references are printed at the end.





 \chapter{Second chapter}




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