I'm using @misc for citing a website in my work. This is the bib entry and the text citing it.

title = {{OpenMP API for parallel programming, version 2.0}},
note = {\url{http://openmp.org/wp/}},


 OpenMP \cite{OpenMP} is a parallel programming model.

When compiled using latex, bibtex, latex and latex, I get a truncated citation like this

OpenMP (Ope) is a parallel programming model.

when I am expecting

OpenMP (OpenMP) is a parallel programming model.

How can I rectify this. Ideally I would want the entire 'OpenMP' instead if 'Ope' in the cited text.


  • Does using the key filed helps? i.e., add key= {OpenMP} to the entry; – Guido Oct 2 '14 at 16:31

According to the bibtex manual (i.e., texdoc bibtex) the field key is

Used for alphabetizing, cross referencing, and creating a label when the “author” information (described in Section 4) is missing.

Thus the entry can be written

  key   = {OpenMP},
  title = {{OpenMP} {API} for parallel programming, version 2.0},
  note  = {\url{http://openmp.org/wp/}},

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