I have problems with XeLaTeX and pst-node: If I want to draw a line between two nodes, but there is nothing drawn in the pspicture. If I only put the nodes with some stuff withoud a line in, the nodes are drawn, but the line is missing.

The way LaTeX -> DVI -> PS -> PDF works, but not direct to pdf with XeLaTeX. Can anyone help me here?



    \rput(1,0){\rnode{A}{Stuff A}}
    \rput(0,1){\rnode{B}{Stuff b}}

    \rput(1,0){\rnode{A}{Stuff A}}
    \rput(0,1){\rnode{B}{Stuff b}}


Edit: Added \listfile:

   *File List*
  scrartcl.cls    2013/12/19 v3.12 KOMA-Script document class (article)
  scrkbase.sty    2013/12/19 v3.12 KOMA-Script package (KOMA-Script-dependent bas
  ics and keyval usage)
   scrbase.sty    2013/12/19 v3.12 KOMA-Script package (KOMA-Script-independent b
  asics and keyval usage)
    keyval.sty    2014/05/08 v1.15 key=value parser (DPC)
  scrlfile.sty    2013/12/19 v3.12 KOMA-Script package (loading files)
  tocbasic.sty    2013/12/19 v3.12 KOMA-Script package (handling toc-files)
  scrsize11pt.clo    2013/12/19 v3.12 KOMA-Script font size class option (11pt)
  typearea.sty    2013/12/19 v3.12 KOMA-Script package (type area)
  pstricks.sty    2013/12/12 v0.60 LaTeX wrapper for `PSTricks' (RN,HV)
     ifpdf.sty    2011/01/30 v2.3 Provides the ifpdf switch (HO)
  pstricks.tex    2014/08/27 v2.57 `PSTricks' (tvz,hv)
  pst-xkey.tex    2005/11/25 v1.6 PSTricks specialization of xkeyval (HA)
   xkeyval.sty    2014/05/25 v2.7 package option processing (HA)
   xkeyval.tex    2014/05/25 v2.7 key=value parser (HA)
    pst-fp.tex    2014/08/27 v2.57 `PST-fp' (hv)
    xcolor.sty    2007/01/21 v2.11 LaTeX color extensions (UK)
     color.cfg    2007/01/18 v1.5 color configuration of teTeX/TeXLive
     xetex.def    2014/07/25 v4.03 LaTeX color/graphics driver for XeTeX (RRM/JK)

  pst-node.sty    2010/04/22 package wrapper for pst-node.tex
  pst-node.tex    2014/08/04 1.35 `pst-node' (tvz,hv)

I use texlive 2014 with:

 This is XeTeX, Version 3.14159265-2.6-0.99991 (TeX Live 2014/W32TeX) (preloaded format=xelatex)
 \write18 enabled.
  • I have no such problem. Which system/version of xelatex/version of pst-node do you have? – Bernard Oct 2 '14 at 17:54
  • The xdvi driver of XeTeX has some problems with nodes. I'll have a look at it. – user2478 Oct 2 '14 at 18:04
  • @Herbert: XeLaTeX even won't draw a line or a frame, is this related to the problem you mentioned? And do you know how long it will take to solve it? – Niklas Oct 2 '14 at 19:07
  • The problem is the node dictionary and it is not easy to find the problem inside of the xdvipdfmx program. I cannot say how long it may take. Use auto-pst-pdf and pdflatex until it will be fixed. – user2478 Oct 2 '14 at 19:47
  • @Herbert: Do you have an explanation about me being able to compile with XeLaTeX? I'm under MiKTeX 2.9, Windows 7 Pro. – Bernard Oct 2 '14 at 20:16

The problem is GhostScript. With the version 9.10 it works, with the current version 9.15 it doesn't work. Also with some other GS versions.

I installed GhostScript from the source into /usr/local/src:

wget http://downloads.ghostscript.com/public/ghostscript-9.10.tar.gz
tar -xvzf ghostscript-9.10.tar.gz 
cd ghostscript-9.10
sudo make install

However, there should be ready made binaries in the net for all platforms. The output with 9.10:

enter image description here

  • Great! Thank you. Do you know how to do this on Windows 7 with texlive 2014? – Niklas Oct 4 '14 at 8:27
  • Here are exe files for windows: ghostscript.com/GPL_Ghostscript_9.10.html – user2478 Oct 4 '14 at 8:35
  • @Herbert: I installed gs9.10 and changed the path in my editor, but still no correct results. – Niklas Oct 4 '14 at 9:27

Now I solved my problem with your help:

I installed GS9.10, then copyed the files in from C:\Program Files (x86)\gs\gs9.10\bin to C:\texlive\2014\tlpkg\tlgs\bin. Thats all I needed, now the results are correct.

Thank you all for the help!

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