I have a plot to go into a report that needs to have the horizontal width increased, whilst maintaining the original vertical height. I am currently using the an xscale=1.7, however this shifts the horizontal axis label to the right of the plot area. I have tried using the width=0.7\textwidth but this increases the height of the plot to a ridiculous amount.


\begin{figure}[h]% change in entropy
\begin{axis}[xscale=1.7, xlabel=No. of Elements, ystep=1, xstep=2, xmin=0, xmax=16, ymin=0, ymax=3, ylabel= $\Delta S_{mix} (R)$]
\draw(axis cs: 2,0)--(axis cs: 2,1);
\draw(axis cs: 5,0)--(axis cs: 5,1.8);
\draw(axis cs: 13,0)--(axis cs: 13,2.8);
\node [text width= 1.5cm, text centered](a) at(axis cs: 1,0.75){Low Entropy};
\node [text width= 1.5cm, text centered](a) at(axis cs: 3.6,0.75){Medium Entropy};
\node [text width= 1.5cm, text centered](a) at(axis cs: 9,0.75){High Entropy};
\caption{Change in mixing entropy with number of principal elements}


enter image description here

  • Welcome to the site! I would just specify both height and width. – Paul Gessler Oct 3 '14 at 10:25

Replace xscale=1.7 with x post scale=1.7.


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