I'm having difficulties of citing author which has multiple papers (different years) with possessive (genitive) case. I want the citation like

Smith's (1997,2001).

I manage to have

Smith's (1997),

but not for

Smith's (1997,2001).

I use natbib, the new command i use is:

 \newcommand\citeapos[1]{\citeauthor{#1}'s (\citeyear{#1})}

Can anyone assist me on this matter?


A possible solution: Make \citeapos take two arguments: the first will be fed to \citeauthor, the second to \citeyear:

\newcommand\citeapos[2]{\citeauthor{#1}'s (\citeyear{#2})}

Proposed usage: \citeapos{smith97}{smith97,smith01}.

(I tried creating a macro that extracts the first key (i.e., everything up to the first comma) from smith97,smith01 and passes the result to \citeauthor. However, I kept getting errors of the form Argument of \@citex has an extra }. That's why I'm proposing setting up a two-argument macro to handle genitive-case citation callouts.)

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