When I try to build list of companies with no bulletin. I get the output as below

enter image description here

Actually I want is correct spacing between the colon. Exactly like the below example. enter image description here

Can anyone help me out.? Thanks in advance.

Code Used:

   \item[TCS:] Jeddah,Kochi,Bangalore 
   \item[InfoSys:] Jeddah,Kochi,Bangalore 
   \item[Wipro:] Jeddah,Kochi,Bangalore 
  • Please post the code that you are using. The effect you want isn't difficult to achieve, but there are lots of ways to it. – Ian Thompson Oct 4 '14 at 10:55
  • 1
    Why no use a tabular instead of a list? – skpblack Oct 4 '14 at 11:40

You could use a simple tabular environment:

enter image description here

\begin{tabular}{@{}l >{:\quad} l}
TCS & Jeddah,Kochi,Bangalore \\
InfoSys & Jeddah,Kochi,Bangalore \\
Wipro & Jeddah,Kochi,Bangalore \\

To fine-tune the amount of whitespace to the left and right of the colon, you could employ a header such as

\begin{tabular}{@{}l >{\hspace{8pt}:\hspace{10pt}} l}

where 8pt and 10pt could be adjusted to your liking. (You didn't state explicitly what the "correct" space values are...)


KOMA-Script's labeling list could be used for this. It is available in every KOMA-Script class (like scrartcl or scrbook) and can be used in other classes by loading the scrextend package.

The syntax is:

\begin{labeling}[<separator>]{<widest label>}

A complete example:


   \item[TCS] Jeddah,Kochi,Bangalore 
   \item[InfoSys] Jeddah,Kochi,Bangalore 
   \item[Wipro] Jeddah,Kochi,Bangalore 


enter image description here

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