I'm not getting column borders correctly in the following table. I'm using multirow package. Also, I want the '123' in the big cell to be centered, but it is misaligned. I'm not sure how to fix this. Here's what I have:

      1 & 2 & 3& \\ \hline
      1 & & 3 &\\  \cline{1-1}\cline{3-3}
      1 & \multirow{-3}{*}{123} & 3& \\ \hline

Note that I have no multiple column cells in the table -- only multiple row cells.

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    If you write \multirow{-2} instead of \multirow{-3}, it's correct. The problem with the borders is what? The missing \hline above the first row? Just write it. – Bernard Oct 5 '14 at 0:42
  • Thanks. No, not the missing \hline. I'm missing the all of the vertical lines separating the columns except for the leftmost one. – bozidarka Oct 5 '14 at 1:20
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    I don't miss them. Could you provide a minimal (non)working example? – Bernard Oct 5 '14 at 1:24
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    How to make a minimal working example (MWE). – cfr Oct 5 '14 at 2:19

If I understand you correctly, you like to achieve something like this:

enter image description here

For it I just correct errors in your MWE: \hline before tabular, number of rows in multirow:



      1 & 2 & 3     \\      \hline
      1 &   & 3     \\      \cline{1-1}\cline{3-3}
      1 & \multirow{-2}{*}{123}
            & 3     \\      \hline

Preview package in preamble I added just to show table alone.

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