How do I cancel the footnote separator line in minipages only? I would also like to increase the indent of footnotes in minipages only. This is handy after tables, for instance.

Ideally, I would use the footmisc package with the norule option, but this affects the entire document, and not only the minipage environments.

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One solution for canceling the separator is to use the footmisc package with the splitrule option, and redefine the \mpfootnoterule and \splitfootnoterule commands as following:


But appart from being a quite ugly workaround, it doesn't solve the problem of the indentation.


In latex.ltx, the \footnoterule is called at the end of the minipage environment when there are footnotes. So first I redefine the \endminipage command to omit the \footnoterule.

In article.cls, the indentation is produced by the \@makefntext command. This same command is called for both main-text and minipage footnotes. So we have to redefine the \mpfootnotetext command so that when it is called, it then redefines \@makefntext.

This might be dangerous, but it seems to work. I welcome feedback from those more knowledgable.



        \hb@[email protected]{\hss\@makefnmark}#1}

Table~\ref{table} shows a palindrome.\footnote{You can use it to make a magic square.}

\caption{Sator arepo}
Sator arepo tenet opera rotas.\footnote{This is a palindrome.}


enter image description here

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