In the project im working in, the structure is as follows

├── a
│   └── main.tex
├── b
│   └── main.tex
├── main.tex

The root main file is




and the a/main.tex and b/main.tex files would ideally be


Unfortunately, the minitoc doesn't appear. After compiling, I have in the root directory various mtc files (for readability, most files are hidden out)

├── [4.0K]  a
│   └── [  69]  main.tex
├── [4.0K]  b
│   └── [  69]  main.tex
├── [   0]  main.mtc
├── [   0]  main.mtc0
├── [ 266]  main.mtc1
├── [ 266]  main.mtc2
├── [ 19K]  main.pdf
├── [ 284]  main.tex
└── [ 192]  main.toc

But main.log complains

(./a/main.tex¶                                                                                             | 
    Chapter 1.¶                                                                                                | 
    Package minitoc Info: I0006¶                                                                               | 
    (minitoc)             main.mtc1 is empty on input line 3.¶     

The way I found to get the minitoc is to copy/paste main.mtc1 in a/. and main.mtc2 in b/. So, obviously, because of the command import{a/}{main}, minitoc looks for the mtc files in the a/ and b/ directories (which is obviously the role of import...).

Another solution I found is to add a minitoc.tex file in the root directory

├── a
│   └── main.tex
├── b
│   └── main.tex
├── main.tex
├── minitoc.tex

Which contains just


and to change a/main.tex and b/main.tex as follows

\setcounter{mtc}{1}%Or 2, according to the chapter number

The trouble of this solution is that I have to set the counter manually. It's not that bad, but is there any better automatic solution ?

  • I suggest to use \input{a/main} instead, and write \faketableofcontents to main.tex. – user31729 Oct 8 '14 at 20:04
  • Hi Christian. Thanks for the answer. The problem is that I'd like to use import and note input/include since my real folder setup has more steps down (I mean, 3 or 4 nested folders and inputs). Using import helps me to move folders across the hierarchy without changing the paths in the various inputs. – Vser Oct 9 '14 at 9:09
  • And btw, what's the point of moving the faketableofcontents ? – Vser Oct 9 '14 at 9:13

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