I am making a poster where I edited an existing style

                \usebeamercolor{title of headline}{\color{fg}{\inserttitle}}

Calling the inserttitle it will insert the title which was set in the main text file via the title command. I would like to know how can be created a new commands which behaves the same way as the title.ex \insertuniversityadress.

\title{This is is a title}
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You can "clone" the title macro adjusting it for your needs:


\newcommand{\universityaddress}{\@dblarg\beamer@universityaddress}  %this is where we are cloning the \title macro 

\title[Title]{this is a title}
\universityaddress[Un. Add.]{This is the university address}
\section{section 1}




enter image description here

It behaves like the title macro (with an optional short version).

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