I am trying to convert from bibtex to biblatex + biber, and I am struggling to achieve a style I achieved quite easily with a bibtex .bst file. Basically I want author first names and/or initials to appear after their last names in in-text citations (e.g. [Alexander G. and Williams D. 1968] rather than [G. Alexander and D. Williams 1968]. By reviewing questions on this forum I have managed to achieve this in the bibliography, as shown below:

enter image description here

However, I have not been able to achieve the same result in citations. Your collective help would therefore be greatly appreciated.








   author = {Alexander, G and Williams, D.},
   title = {Shivering and non-shivering thermogenesis during summit metabolism in young lambs},
   journaltitle = {J Physiol},
   volume = {198},
   number = {2},
   pages = {251-276},
   year = {1968}
   author = {Alexander, R. and Lodish, H. and Sun, L.},
   title = {MicroRNAs in adipogenesis and as therapeutic targets for obesity},
   journaltitle = {Expert Opin Ther Targets},
   volume = {15},
   number = {5},
   pages = {623-636},
   year = {2011}
   author = {Williams, S. and Davie, G. and Lam, F.},
   title = {Predicting BMI in young adults from childhood data using two approaches to modelling adiposity rebound},
   journaltitle = {Int J Obes},
   volume = {23},
   number = {4},
   pages = {348-354},
   year = {1999}


First authors~\parencite{alexanderg68}. Second authors~\parencite{alexanderr11}. Third authors~\parencite{williamss99}.

The citations use the printnames{labelname} for print the author names. Then you can modify or declare the format of labelname. The most simple way is using a alias. It means:


but the above code not support the option uniquename because the last-first declaration not support this. Then other form is modifying the DeclareNameFormat{labelname}. I copied the definition of \DeclareNameFormat{labelname} in the biblatex.def file and changed the macro first-last by last-first.


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