I have several citations in a beamer-based presentation. Is it possible to split the bibliography across two slides? I'm using natbib / bibtex. And I currently just have:





But we're to the point where even tiny won't cut it. Is there anyway to do this? I'd really prefer to not create the bibliography by hand because I once had it 'stuck to me' that I omitted an entry in the bibliography (which I'd created by hand)... nothing quite like ending on a clerical omission...

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done. I found this here :O)

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    I have tried it and it only required the allowframebreaks tag: [allowframebreaks]
    – Vass
    Feb 15, 2013 at 16:07

For people working with:

bla bla   
Content on the slide  
bla bla  

the [allowframebreaks] has to be places like this:

\tiny\bibliography{Name of your Bibliographie}  
\bibliographystyle{Your bibliographystyle}  

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