I have created a table in Latex, and I would now like to save the table as an image using a vector graphics format such as EPS. Is there a way I can do this?

  • Compile only your table with no page number and run latex+dvips to obtain a ps file. Or run pdflatex to obtain a pdf file. Configure the margin to reduce white space. – Sigur Oct 12 '14 at 1:23

I'd use the standalone class for this:

\begin{tabular}{lcr} \toprule
Left & Center & Right \\ \midrule
1 & 2 & 3 \\ \bottomrule

At least on OS X, building to a PDF and using pdf2ps results in a PostScript file that has a BoundingBox directive, which should be enough to include in other documents. Or you can build with regular LaTeX to make a DVI, and convert the DVI to a PS as Sigur recommended.

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