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I'm using biblatex for my report and I've run into a small problem. When I have multiple authors in my .bib file my bibliography displays the initials of the authors (after the first) in the wrong order and I get an unwanted 'and'. So what I get:

1. Klinkrad, H. and J. Doe, 2006. Space Debris: Models and Risk Analysis. Berlin: Springer.

What I want is:

1. Klinkrad, H., Doe, J. 2006. Space Debris: Models and Risk Analysis. Berlin: Springer.

I've included a MWE and my sources.bib code:

\DefineBibliographyStrings{english}{available = {available at},}
\DefineBibliographyStrings{english}{urlseen = {[Accessed},}




And my sources.bib code:

  Title                    = {Space Debris: Models and Risk Analysis},
  Author                   = {Klinkrad, H. and Doe, J.},
  Publisher                = {Springer},
  Address                  = {Berlin},
  Year                     = {2006},

I think it is a simple change in the definition of the Author field. However, I've not been able to find the solution anywhere.


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    Do \DeclareNameAlias{sortname}{last-first} and \renewcommand*{\finalnamedelim}{\multinamedelim} help? – moewe Oct 12 '14 at 15:08
  • yeah it seems to work, also with in-text citing. So thank you! – MichaelDeSanta Oct 12 '14 at 15:18
  • I noticed that when I cite in text there is no 'and' between authors of the same work. I posted a question here but maybe it is better to ask it as a follow-up of my previous question and your answer... – MichaelDeSanta Oct 21 '14 at 10:29
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    By removing \renewcommand*{\finalnamedelim}{\multinamedelim} the 'and' appears both in text and in the bibliography. This is what I was after, but I did not specify my question correctly in the first place. – MichaelDeSanta Oct 21 '14 at 13:53