with vim-latex for vim, there is a two variables g:Tex_SmartQuoteOpen and g:Tex_SmartQuoteClose which meaning repleacment text for " at the begining/and of a citation.

Default value are ``'' + one <++> in case of input in the same time.

I would like to configure for \enquote of the csquotes package. So I have tried

let g:Tex_SmartQuoteOpen="\enquote{"
let g:Tex_SmartQuoteClose="}"

in my tex.vim config file.

But it's produce error E486: Pattern not found: Tex_SmartQuoteOpen "\enquote{"

Any idea to solve my problem?

  • that is possible, but \enquote is already semantic :-)
    – Maïeul
    Oct 14, 2014 at 16:06

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The solution is very easy: just escape the \.

let g:Tex_SmartQuoteOpen="\\enquote{"
let g:Tex_SmartQuoteClose="}"

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