I recently installed a commercial font called Monospace 821. The font came in ttf format and I installed it as usual in a Linux machine.

Problem is that when I use


the resulting text is not printed in bold. To get the bold I'm using the following workaround:

\newcommand{\mytextbf}[1]{\mybold #1}

My question is: is this normal or is there a way to get the bold font automatically when using \textbf{...}?

\setmainfont{Latin Modern Roman}
\newcommand{\mytextbf}[1]{\mybold #1}

{\monobt \textbf{this is not bold}}

\mytextbf{this is bold}

The monospaced font is not used as tt font, I have another font set to \setmonofont{...} so I can't put Monospace 821 there.


If fontspec is unable to find the bold font associated to a medium series font, uou can use the normal options also with \newfontfamily:


and then

{\monobt\textbf{This is bold}}

should work.

Notice that the options should go before the font name with older versions of fontspec.

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